Stage Europe Network realizes exchanges between young musicians within the network. In the exchanges we spilt up the musicians in county mixed bands where they work on a new song that is been performed live and will be recorded (see under MEDIA). Intercultural learning experience and talent development are the keywords in these exchanges. Involved bands where for example Of Monsters and Men (IS), Hunting the Robot (NL) and Samaris (IS). See for complete list of BANDS. In the last exchanges more and more young talented photographers and video makers get involved.

Exchanges realized:

  • 13–30 October 2016 SEN Estonia (Tallinn)
  • 11-18 July 2016 SEN Germany (Bremen) / Netherlands (Rotterdam/Delft)
  • 24-31 August 2014 SEN Netherlands (Rutten/Delft)
  • 18-25 July 2014 SEN Germany (Bremen)
  • 23-31 August 2013 SEN Iceland (Reykjavik) / Netherlands (Rotterdam/Delft)
  • 16-23 June 2013 SEN France (Aix en Provence)
  • 01-07 October 2012 SEN Norway (Drammen)
  • 22-31 August 2011 SEN Netherlands (Rotterdam/Delft)
  • 15-22 June 2011 SEN France (Aix en Provence)
  • 30 October-06 November 2010 SEN Iceland (Reykjavik)
  • 27 August-5 September 2010 SEN Netherlands (Rotterdam/Delft)
  • 29 May-06 June 2010 SEN Norway (Drammen)
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