SEN NL exchange

The Netherlands welcomes young European musicians!

Seven acts from six different countries will visit The Netherlands from the 22th till the 31th of August. They will come together to share ideas, make music and perform. You can see them perform at Westerpop (Delft), Stadspodium (Rotterdam) and Popcentrale (Dordrecht).

The bands that will participate in the Dutch program are: C4030 (Poland), Samaris (Iceland), Fexet and Roufaida & Pluck (The Netherlands), The Strange (France), Memetics (Norway) en Klubs (Germany).

The exchange contains different music and culture related activities. On Friday the 26th of August they will perform at the Popcentrale, on Saturday the 27th of August they will entertain the audience during Westerpop Festival and on Sunday the 28th of August they will play at Stadspodium Rotterdam. The exchange program is nog only about performing, they will also work in mixed European formations on the theme: “Speak Your Mind”. They will go to the following rehearsal rooms: SPOD in Delft and Popcentrale in Dordrecht, and each new formation will work on a selfmade new song with “Speak Your Mind” as it’s theme. With this theme the musicians will explore what freedom of speech means to them. The new songs that they create will be recorded at the Prosound Studio at the Popcentrale. At the end of the project you can listen to these songs on the internet.

The young musicians will also volunteer for one day. Volunteering is an important topic in Europe this year. But further more volunteering is also essential within the Dutch music field! Without volunteers many festivals, concerts and radio stations can not exist. It is important that the young European musicians, who participate in the Stage Europe Network program in The Netherlands, understand how committed all those volunteers are.

The Popunie is the Dutch partner in the Stage Europe Network. The exchange is sponsored by the Youth In Action program from the European Union, where working with and learning about young people from different cultures is of great importance.

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