Stage Europe Network is planning to organize more projects around band development in a European context. For example special weekends or camps for young musicians with panels, workshops, master classes etc. We want to increase our cooperation with the music educational field and also the music business to increase our network, knowledge and to give the involved young bands more opportunities.

We are also looking for possibilities to give the young bands involved in Stage Europe Network support when they want to organize there first tour in one of the participating countries.

The Dutch partner in the Stage Europe Network offers in cooperation with art initiative id11 a residence for bands/ acts connected with one of the other partners in the Stage Europe Network.

The residence is located on a farm in the Noordoostpolder (Northeast-polder) in The Netherlands; an area of new land extracted from the sea and devised on the drawing table by Cornelis Lely.  The open space of the Noordoostpolder is impressive; it is a place where you can once again admire the stars. At the same time you are within reach of cities. Located just 1hour drive from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen and 40 minutes to Leeuwarden or Zwolle. It is just in-between things.

On the farm we have two pleasant rooms that brings you back to a 1970’s atmosphere. One room has a private bathroom with shower and toilet and is suitable for maximum two persons.  The other room has shared bathroom/ toilet and is for one person. In the summer we have an extra caravan available, but then it is also possible to stay together at the ceiling of the stable and we can host here up to twenty people. Internet is available. See for pictures: http://www.id11.nl/english/air.html

For rehearsal space we have different possibilities in large refrigerators used to store tulip bulbs. There is a basic backline available if needed.

The residence is ideal for bands/ acts that want to work on new material or need a break in their busy tour schedule. You can park your car or van inside and safe. The price fro staying is € 25,- a person a day. This could be less if you like to do a living room concert.

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