Six young European bands are coming to Rotterdam from August 27th till September 5th to exchange ideas and music and to perform at different festivals and venues.

Stage Europe Network is a project developed by six European cultural organisations operating in different countries of Europe. The aim of the project is to connect young musicians and to encourage their active participation in music in an European context.

The first project of the Stage Europe Network tour has been in Norway. The Dutch hiphopband Kapthijn, winner of the High School Music Competition 2010, performed at Working Class Hero festival in Drammen, Norway, together with five other young bands from France, Norway, Poland, Germany and Iceland.

From the 27th of August until the 5th of September the Stage Europe Network tour will settle in The Netherlands. The young bands will perform at Westerpop festival in Delft on the 28th of August, Stadspodium Rotterdam on the 29th of August, Exit in Rotterdam on the 2nd of September, Koornbeurs in Delft on the 3rd of September .

The Popunie is the Dutch partner in the Stage Europe network. Besides performing is  working together and sharing experiences an important part of the program. The bands will cooperate in different combinations. During the week the six new mixed up bands will work on a new song.  These compositions will be recorded bij students of the Zadkine Popacademie and can be listened to on the SEN-site.

This exchange project is organised by Popunie and funded by the Programme Youth in Action, as a challenging example of intercultural learning through music. The bands will experience an international music atmosphere and they will be stimulated to produce a new song round the theme ‘Being Young in Europe’ together, as the result of the process of exchanging know-how, ideas and different cultures.

The bands participating in the exchange are Alienation (FR), Fucking in Champagne (DE), Kapthijn (NL), Of Monsters & Men (IS), Shiny Beats (PL) and World Service (NO).

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